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hye there...i'm ireen a.k.a Erin among my friends..ya'll can address me with any name mentioned coz both referred to me...haha..let's make it simple..Political Science's graduate, i'm a daughter to my parents and an eldest sister of 5 siblings...happy go lucky, talkative sometimes..hey know me than u know how suffer u'll be..very manja???'s fact..wait, unpredictable and have something in mind..huhu...well try to be one of mine then u judge me k.. till then... XOXO

heyyyaaa readers!!! its been quite sometimes i never update my blog...well blame the time because i am facing a hectic months and days... final is coming tho...... btw, it is just a quick update about my birthday party and my sayang's birthday party....

mine was on 7 september 2010.....held at Redbox The Curve...and well because it is a Ramadhan so we respect the holy month...the food was great and the people attended my birthday party are suppppppeeerrrrbbbb!!! i love them 2bits! we sang, we eat, we had fun and we are full of all the foodd...cannot stuff in more! hehe....i had a great time with them...especially when my beloved person was there with me! thanks sayang for the great birthday party and the great birthday presents! okay some pictures that i can upload it....

some of the pics!

then its my sayang turns! 3 october 2010 at the Rum Jungle... me and dino finally made up our mind to do a surprise birthday party for my syafiq! and we made it! thanks to all yeah... he was out of control as the result! haha..the party was blast! people who attended are damn sporting and awesome except one man! urgh! annoying! avoid him....overall....i enjoyed the party... ouh yeah, we snapped some pics and im still waiting more pics from amir firdaus!!! hehe.... i love u guys 2


Hey readers,
I'm back again after a short break... This time I don't know what to say actually but it's something that amuse me when me on my way to my class in the morn... I received a message in my inbox sayings such things towards me and my bf.. I was laughing like hell... I dunno who the hell he/she is but hey, if u really wanna backing up ur dearie friend I'm begging u, plz use ur name and real pic otherwise u are such a pathetic loser u wanna show what a hero is and eventually what a true fren means??? Pfffttt~ what a lame... Come on buddy, I'm waiting... And you skeezer, puhhleassseee~ don't u have something to do in your life besides bagging other people's life?? Don't mess wif me yea... Such a typical kelatanese with a typical kampung type.. Brought up a history to a present juz to show how good ur frens are??history remained it is... Not a valuable thought to be remember skeez!

Till then....

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hye dear readers,
juz wanna share with you about my experience at Padang for juz a shot visit... 2 days of hols in Padang...hahaha... what a waste aite??? but, im happy with it cz i had a chance to visit my so called "kampung" but actually my anchestors from taluk kuantan...border of Padang and Riau....whatever it is, i can understand their language...wohoooo~ once we touched down, straightaway we shoot to Padang Panjang, the Minangkabau excited! to see the culture, building, language and of coz the embroidery stuffs... the scary part is, when raining we had to rush back to mainland because of the landslides..takoott~ the best part is not the soil is sliding down but all the big rocks...can u imagine...ill upload the pic later aite...overall the short visit was awesome! :)

Tonite me and bf decided to go having fun.. He dicided to lepak at werner's... Zaim, zati, Dino, nabil, arif n Fren are there... To make the night havoc.. And yeah we did!! It wAs a superb nite..the drinks,talking, dancing and craps.. Haha.. I were accidently became an outspoken person when I shout "get a room" to this 1 bloody couple when they were making out.. French kiss does it counts?? Haha.. Then straightaway I make a cnversation to Dino.. I was like oppsie.. Haha!!! My frens were asking me to tell them.. Suddenly jadi lurus pulak pergi shout..hehe.. Sowiyy.. Luckily the guy din ask me anything.. Ala, if he has guts pun I know he wudnt cz my bf was there wif me.. Hehe.. But overall...It was a blast!!!!

Till then, xoxo

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Yeay, after facing a hectic classes and all the rushing lessons, at last I can rest my mind and butt alone from the hassle and bastle of classes and exams.. Pheww~... even it is just for a few weeks but still I'm free to go anywhere and do whatever I want without curfew.. Haha.. Watching tv till late, online, holidayyy.. Haha... Nevertheless, I hope my lecturers won't harsh on me with my scripts.. Crossing everything and pray to Allah that everything will be juz fine and they'll b nice to me.. Amin... ;)

Till then,
Padang here I come... ;)

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while browsing the net..startled and remembering,about a friend telling me that me look a like with someone...he is an old first i was blur, who is he talking about?? was way back in the end, i saw the pict... i was like, am i?? haha.... way back in 2002 without these cheek..yea, i am a bit resemble to her.. but now?? chubby face.. hoho... even she doest look like she was before now..grr~ so sharing wif u... u decide..haha...ignore the chubby face of mine..haha...

so am i??? haha... *blushing*

Today is My last day of classes before My final next so freaking lazy to attend but hey here i am in My lovely story telling class.. Abbasid caliphate.. My lecturer loves to give story telling and i like it cz we dont have to focus so much.. By listening to him stories quite interesting.. But hey, its history.. Sometimes bored but he knows how to do jokes.. Nice~ after this My second class theories of political development.. Woo~ level 4000 class.. Quite a tough sbject actuallu both do..Nevertheless, ive to pass both!! May i get excellence grade!!!

Till then, xoxo

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this is my more or less assignmnt and presentation topic... as me and my group had have present it today..all went well but i forgot to show them the slide of our hypothesis..damn!! many questions been asked and thanks to my group leader..he aswered it theories of political development lecturer,Dr. Danial was giving us a compliment and somehow a supportive critics... maybe because of the forgetness hypothesis, our presentation smell more to sociology and not political..our bad...needa imporove it and add here and there in our assignment then...but anyways! good job guys!!! go purple group go!! haha..our theme is purple...aww~ i didnt snap a pic of us..but im happy we dont get any bad critics.. wee~ :D

till then...xoxo

kindly is working on my online shopping blog... please visit my other blog aite... i just started and not much stuff to be advertise but soon will..i've plenty to work on and advertize in my blog..pray for my dreams to come tru yeah..ouh yeah, this is the add this name is combination of our's....syaf is my sayang's name which is syafiq and reen is the end syafreen is chosen.. LOL... do support us yeah..thanks..

till then.. XOXO

hello readers...
just a quick update..
yesterday, i was happened to meet an accident... i dunno where the hell her brains go because of nothing major i was this closed to met an accident... to say her because it happened in female hostel area.. so, without thinking further u guys will persume it is a lady who drove the car aite?? i mean what is my fault till she has a guts to drove the car like hell?? i wanted to cross the road while she ran into her car, start the engine, jot up the lights then straightaway press the fuel peddle... what were u thinking babe??? you can just wait till the barrier is open widely or wait for the fuel run for a few minutes but where do u put your bladdy brain??? cant u see me about to cross the road, i was there infront your car when u ran into your car and ignite the engine... even i know you very well but i wouldnt do that... hey, i dont have even as small as an ant to sit in your car or get a ride.. u shouldnt just rush and about to bang me... luckily i was alert.. if u cant see, it is impossible, i was walking with the lights are on and u wearing your spectacles... are u blind or what??? ow well, may u rest in peace for what u had done to me... you are not my friend cz since u starting to have a beef, i dun have any intention towards you....

till then...

if you said Malaysia what will come across in your mind?? there's 2 phrase.. Malay and asia = Malaysia.. but as i heard in the radio..let me be clear first, i'm not racist! ok, get back to the topic, our PM launched the 1 Malaysia programme as his agenda, im totally cool with it because we are living in the same land, breath the same air and sing the same song.. but, as a malay, i see..we are a bit neglected and behind. is there anyone who sees this?? i turn of the radio and everyone is mentioning 1 Malaysia but malay is mentioned at the last statement, as we are the minority among the races. MAlaysia?? our race is mentioned the our country's name but it seems like we do not own the country.. 2 other races is mentioned first before us, what is that? the Malays are the one who is fighting for the land but other people are getting the name. Im sorry, but seems sad when the Djs are focusing the other races better than us.. the C, the I then us... what is wrong with the Malays nowadays? wake up guys!! this is our land, our forces are fighting till death for getting the independence form the colonialism but we seems sit down and relax while other people are getting profit from our land. like i said, im not racist, just sad with the Malays community who is sit back doing nothing and getting subsidize from the government. Eventhough we are getting special attention as Bumiputra but still we should lead to a better life. As a mixed blood person, im sad but hey, it is your call to think whether you want a better life or just sit back and be the same person with the same life. think about the future, children and family. They need attention to guys... Am i sound politics?? OMG...sorry guys..emotional, imbalance hormone.. hahaha.. till then


a day without him is like a day without something. so, to make it as a story...260510, i have a presentation about freedom in the world-malaysia 2009.. as i was so scared to present it because afraid they will have a thought of me being an anti-government... it is just an opinion which doesn't mean i wanted to be in ISA..hey, no ready yet ok.. :P.. ok2, my presentation went well, then i went back to hostel, went to pasar malam..after all phone ringing with the ringtone of aku dan dirimu...u guys can guess who is calling..he called and said, "sayang, why u didnt wake me up, arent we supposed to catch a movie?" wooo~ hehe.. sorry hun, i dont wanna disturb your beauty sleep.. we didnt go for a movie but guess what? we went to karaoke..wee~ karaoke session with him alone without any interruption of was such a lovely nite to say so... i love u syafiq idzwan! we sang until the last voice..haha...but it was a great experience..because it quite hard for me to coax him to a have a karaoke session for just the 2 of us... he loved it! it is the most important! love u sayang!!!

hye dear readers,

after a long pause, i came with a story....
when we have a really good friend, when we had a fight, when we lost each other trust then there is when our anger is took over the feelings.. there is when everything that we used to love been snatched away...there is when our hope is bleak...but when, a white light sparks in our heart, there is when we start to remember, there is where the love is nurture, there is where hope is falling with a rosy future.. and there is where a bestfriends are rolling back to us... there is where enjoyment and frienship are nurture to grow with a roses of heartshapes and love is everywhere to be grab and love.... thanks my dear friend for believe in me and accept me for who i am.. love u all...

"to my lovely sarah.. i love u and i always am.... lets just begin a new life with a new chapter with or without the shadow of whom may concern...."

Friend come and go..when I getting a chance to mke a new friend, there goes nothing.. He run away from me.. There's nothing I can do.. I love n adore my friendS.. But what can I do when he chose to keep away from me.. I respect him as I wanted him to live happily with his gf.. To my friend.. I'm happy for u if u're happy.. Till then..


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Hello readers,
I wanted to share with u guys about people who are being my backbones besides my family and they are important to me!! When we say friend, what will come across in our mind?? Friend is the term that is so beautiful and important.. I love my friend and I adore them.. I used to trust, kind and be nice to them.. But yeah friend brought me to what I am now... She used to be my bestfriend but after all I did she backstabbed me and badmouth about me.. I was so kind, soft and nice but now no more!!! That is why some people will say I'm a snob person and all at their first impression.. But, I'm sorry guys.. I had to do it.. It's foe my own good.. But If u gain my trust then u are someone special to me!!!
Introducing my friends!!!they never give up giving me hope and advices!!

Kaduk aka Amy.. He is my best buddy.. Used to Br ignore wif him about 1 year bcos of his gf but still he comes and seek for me... His pict..

Tengku A'alia Muna aka Kuya.. Eventho I juz knew her but she is nice to me and understands me..

Tengku Ahmad Sharap aka shah my new best friend.. He always there for me when I need him..

Jalina Radiha.. She will never leave me in tears if she knows me in sadness..
She is in blue colour shirt

Liyana Nana.. Always support me.. Known her for a long period of time!!
She is wearing spec and Sasya also supportive person

Robin and sam.. They are very supportive.. They are like my bro and sis!!!

And Syed also..

Pidah akak firdaus.. He always be a good listener...

Nur Halis.. Ouh, yes she is my shopping partner!! Best2...

Suraya.. She likes to listen to me..

These are all my friend.. And some of them are always be there but I'm sorry guys.. I dun have ur Picts.. Abg arif and the gangs, and some others.. Love u all.. Thanks for Being there for me!!

Hurm... Hey readers, should I delete the previous stories abt the sluts???needa ur comment so I'll consider to delete it or not.. As u can see, it's my so cAlled private life.. Which I don't mind cz the sluts who start first the war against me... Huhu!!! Leave ur comment ya!

hye all readers...

i dont have anything to say much.....just go with the i have to face the most important thing in my life which is final exam..huhu... and oh yeah... this week i also have a very mery nervous moment in my life.. which ill share with u guys later k.. hehe... cant celeb it too early aite..

whatever it is....2 most important things in one day... day and night!! damn man!! huhu..

hye readers,
im back with new stories.. hurm~ as u can on time off... and still trembling...but hey...ours are not on the rocks aite...
ok2.. cut the crap! first of all, i wanted to tell u what actually happened between us..
- he lied to me, about all the girls.. and i found out..i was mad.. giler bengang, marah, mengamok, suma ada lah!!! then, one day...after the one week off...i came to see him..then we quarrel again..aiyoo, gaduh lagi!! then, i saw him texting with his phone... i grabbed his phone then i read all what he texts to.. damn!!! texting wif a whore!!! *&(%^%$%^$&!!!! then, he complaining a lot about me to that whore...i took the phone then i replied...

> he likes u, so juz accept him ok

she aswered me...

< ok, i will, but will u leave him for me, dont worry ill take care of him more than u do...

i was like what the fuck!!!

with zero chance ill never leave my bf just for that cheap whore ok!!! belom pape dia dah berani cakap like that to me, apatah lagi bila she gets what she wants.. hello, i dont care who you are, but u messing around with me ok!!

lets describe about the whore: name: nana navana.. u guys can check her out in her fb k.. with the same name... 26 years old, jobless, mengabihkan boreh jo, mengabihkan duit mak bapak jo!!!... go and search for her k... hello, btw, she mad at me coz calling her perosak rumah tangga it my fault if i called her that with that title cause i havent breaking up.. just time off... so, ive right to see what is happening... si jantan pun gatal jugak!! thus, she always call my bf and call him sayang... hurm~ so fast man, just met 2/3 times she can easily fall in love and wanna get into serious relationship??? OMG!! see, how cheap is her loves??? haha... and her fucking friend nana also, simply ask my bf to try this nana navana even he already know our 5 years r/ship.. and say : u guys look sweet together.. my royal ass!!!! over my dead body lah wey!!! huh!! bongok!
btw, my bf delete her the nana navana from his BBM and reject her coz she's so stupid because she wanted all in rush...take it easy slut, dont think all guys are the do u feel when being deleted from something?? sakit kan??? serve u right!!

the anak datuk tu pulak... her name is putri...pun duk terhegeh-hegeh and call my bf... i didnt know at first..but after the cat spill out from the bag....i give one simple text to that whore tu...

> u such a bitch!

damn easy and simple and have in deep meaning aite?? haha..the next day she called my bf then ask who called her bf said: definitely not me...
she understood the message and now...never call my bf and kept silent.i love it that way than NANA NAVANA the cheap whore! she had guts to call and mad at me...i swear her then hung up the phone...who are u to call me and ask me to leave someone i care, i love to u??

si bodoh nana navana ni pulak!! suruh my bf jadi hodoh, gemok... fuck her!!! ive been taking care of him since the past 5 years till he bacame what he is now, senang2 nak suruh dia jadi selekeh??? go find your own man slut! dont mess with mine!!... like this she said wanna take care of my bf more than i do?? fuck her ass then!!! bongok!!!!

hate those whores!!! find yours k....

Dear readers,
It happens when I believed in him and letting him went out foe club.. But Allah is great.. He leads me to something that I can't imagined.. But owh yeah it happens.. A man that I called my sayang.. Did the same mistake again.. And all these while are lies abt the love... I'm so stressed up.. I can't even Think n I'm so shivering when I saw it.. but I've to be tough.. I hate him.. I hate the feelings towards him.. Hoping that Allh will terminate n demolish the love towards him.. Please pray for me.. I need it so I can forget him.. Today we are calling the time off and maybe forever.. If there's a fate n luck in us...... Lets the most great Allh decides.. For now.. I want to be alone n I dun want to b involve in any kind of rship until Allah says so.. I redha for whatever happens to me and him.. If we can't last then let it go with the flow.. Let me burn the feelings n the 5years relationship.. Make me thing that it is not worth it.. Lemme be a normal girl who are seeking for a good life n a good man.. I don't need this kind of stupid stuff stuck in my head n life.. I want to be free.. Free from everything.. If Allah had me to choose my path.. I choose to let Him leads me to the true path.. Coz I'm so hurt indepth inside.. I want to be me.. The old me.. Runaway from this stress n start a new life... Love doesn't promise u anything accept to your parents, family and Allah...

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hello readers,
ok, i have 2 stories to be shared but celeb the same feel...
first one bestie is getting married!!! damn, i was like dreaming u know when she happened to text me saying that she's getting married this coming june or october...depends on budget...
very2 suprize ok!!!! me and my sayang is getting 6 years in relationship but she gets marry first..huhu..but she's differ..she already working so im happy for her and my self least i still can enjoy my time, day and second of being single...haha...but truly happy for u Jalina Radiha...xoxo

second one is my school mate is pregnant!!!!! happy for u...after all the ups and down in your married life then at last..ure pregnant!!! damn girl!!! :D...happy2... Haliza, do take care of your self k..bie in your womb shud be take care and your health too k...can't wait..after a long period of time, waiting..your rezeki is here wif u.. :)..suka2...ask ayie to giler jaga u k!! your very own first baby.... :).. xoxo

till then....XOXO

hey readers,
im back, but dont have any specific story to share..but maybe my essay here will make u guys smile a bit....u do smile aite??? haha.. see...u guys are smiling... haha
ok2...lets make it short...
yesterday is wednesday where to some of people wednesday not to say good but something that they are waiting about... but for me..nay~ because...i had class till 10pm...sad2... but still i managed to go to rum jungle...haha...naughty~
my sayang called me at 10pm wether i wanna to follow or not cause abg peter was here yesterdat with kak amy..i was like... nakkkkkk~ haha...then he said..ok ill pick u up at 11pm k...i answered ok...before heading back to my room..mesti lah lepak dulu kan...lepak borak dengan aman and his tennis coach..hehe...gossipping and talking non stop.. :P...
enough of the story of them and class....

while in my room, i was tidying my room then my sayang called... " D dah sampai dah.." for the first time he arrieved before the time we agreed...haha.... 10.45pm...impressed~ , then, he took me for dinner at Bukit where we always had our lunch 3 years back...damn. the place still exist..Krua Thai..but the tom yam doesnt the same anymore!!! tak sedap!!!! hate used to be delicious...but not now....budus!!! oh2... the best part is.... hahaha.... gelak cam orang giler dulu!!!! got this one Indian man infront of us....that man seems like funny and anoyying to the waitress.... suddenly when that man turn around and see my sayang, he said:

sounds like this:
Indian man : " helloooooo!"
my sayang : " ah, hye " ( blur while hung up the phone )
: " apsal? "
Indian man : " ops, sorry2... saya pikir itu wayamg gambar punya orang, bukan kah?? "
my sayang : " ha, bukan2"
Indian man : " aiyo, sorry2. tadi saya ada tgk tv, muka kau serupa itu dlm tv punya orang
bukan kah? sorry2"
my sayang : " tak pe2"

then, i laughed to him...while he kembang and kecutkan hidung dia....haha..damn funny..the way that indian man approach him, like he wanna picked a fight..but seriously kelakar!!! hahaha.... after dinner, we headed to Rum Jungle... before that picked up arif at kg. baru...

at Rum Jungle...kak amy and abg peter was waiting...then i go and say hello to them....after the live band show...the DJ took over...then something caught my eyes...there's one lady on the podium...tipsy because she drank neat swing....sangat x sedap ok!!! after a while watching her then my sayang said.... " u kenal x sapa tu?? " then i said " yup, anak dato' yg tergilakan u, even im with u, she still wanna seduce u by dancing near u..." then, my sayang said " yup that slut" haha...indeed she is...she dance on the podium like wanna show to the world that she is something and go to any podium that full of men...but non of the man attracted to her...haha... im still remember what she told my sayang.... " ala, takuty girlfriend ke??!!!" i was there ok, can u respect me?? Bodoh punya sayang did'nt want to layan u, then what's on Earth u wanna say that to him and y the hell wanna dance around him and pretending that u are drunk and giving ur butt to my sayang while me standing right beside him??? bongok lah all the desperate women ni!!! he's taken ok!!!

dont mess with my man! find your own man!!! he's mine!

ireen is angry!! haha...pissed off... worries cz i had a happy ending day... :D

till then guys...XOXO

Hye.. We meet again...
Yesterday 26/2/10-Friday
I got replacement place as I mentioned.. After the class.. I went back to my room.. While waiting for my sayang.. I melayari lah Internet and as usual.. Mesti lah facebook kan.. Haha.. Then pop out MSG.. From my adopted siblings.. Erin jom niyang rapik.. I was like.. Jommmmm!!! Then chit-chat till my phone rang... MSG from my syg.. I dah sampai..syg I ni suka lambat.. So, I ckp ok..then, I turun lah.. Tup tup.. WTA 998... arghhhhh!!! Lexus 350.. Haha.. Latest lexus.. He was smiling macam kambing.. last, I got a chance to ride the lexus.. After that we go have our lunch, after lunch we head to e@curve for movie with my adopted siblings..
Some pict after movie..

Nana, Sasya and me

The guys
Habis je wayang.. Karaoke time.. Wohoo~.. sgt seronok hang out ramai2... At the karaoke.. My syg received MSG from his boss saying that they are going to rum jungle..My syg said lets go.. ;)
At rum jungle; when I reached there.. My nephew, his gf and friend are waiting..then we go in to look forward his boss.. There he is with a bunch of people.. There are 2 fatty ladies who are interested in my sayang.. They look at me mcam sial!! Nak jadikan cerita... I was talking to my sayang then that fat lady wanna pass tru me from behind.. If u nak lalu at least tap my shoulder or anything but that fucking lady poke me with her nail at my back..Babi!! Sakit ok.. Hello!! My sayang x layan dia she lepas geram to me lak.. I'm holding hands with my syg then dia sengaja je lalu in between us.. Eh, nak je sepak kan.. But, Padan muka dia cz she's fucking drunk or buat2 I dunno then got this one Negro hugs her..yuck ok!! Haha.. Bongok!! On top of that, one of his boss friend invited minah2 kampung dangdut yg tak sedar diri.. They also tergedik2 at my sayang.. One of them boleh tanya.." Eh syafiq nI ke gf kau??" it caught my ears.. What will u feel if someone say that to your bf?? Sounds like me not deserve him.. Hello!! We are about 6 years together.. If bf aku x layan.. X payah lah nk tanya such thing.. Bodoh lah budak2 baru nak kenal dunia ni.. Isk!! Bengang.. We quarreled time nak balik tu.. But nothing major..when someone is tipsy let them talk don't trigger them.. I tak banyak lawan balik like I used to.. Then everything got back to normal.. Cz I was touch when he mentioned that..Sounds like this...
"baby, u taw x? Everytime I keluar.. I always think of u.. No matter what I did.. Eventhough I layan borak with other girl but I always say to myself that.. I've a gf at home who known me for along time and accept me for who I am and what I I lagi cantik Dari perempuan2 at club so why shud I nak dgn diaorg?? I love u alone" yeah.. I was silent and then he coaxed me... I love him so much..

Till then.. Xoxo

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Morning to all... I'm back again... Ok~ how shud I put this.. Hey it's friday but ow God..
I got clAss.. Class start at 10am.. Woke up 9.40am.. Haha.. Nakal kan.. ;p.. It's k, lecturer doesn't mind.. Arrived to class at 10.15.. ouh2 before that.. While walking to the class.. Had a conversation with my sayang yg busuk.. Haha.. Dia baru bangun tido.. Ok enough of him..

While in the class...
I enter then give Salam, say sorry to lecturer for been late.. He said it's k.. Then as usual.. Lecture and sembang.. And than.. Dah start....

About arak: al-hamr.. Haha... Macam2 benda lar kua..tapai lar, itu lar ini lar.. Oh2 the best part is.. He said that the best and the expensive hamr is champange.. And yup that's right.. Mahal kot.. I remembered the last time I went to a birthday party and my sayang's brother open up a sparkling champange worth rm800.. Mahal kan?? The total cost for his birthday is around rm1+++.. I made the payment..alangkah Bagus if he gave me the money so I can go shopping... Haha.. Apalah kau ni ireen..ok2.. Class is over.. So I can get ready, pack up my stuff and meet my sayang.. Ouh, mish him so much!!

Till then...

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im so envy to all friends coz they can pack up their stuffs and go back home while me stuck here in the hostel waiting for my tomorrow's class....y on Earth my lecturer wants to do a make up class on Friday and Maulidur Rasul some more..haih...stress man... :(.. ow well, what can i a student ive to obey the rule oh wait the order given by the lecturer and the democratic decision by my colleagues...huhu... sedey~ but its ok...i still can do blog right??? and ive friends surround me who willing to read my blog... betul x kawan2? , what shall i do?? ouh yeah! ive book review that havent finish yet...i shud focus on that am i??? haha.. gosh! i got 2 test for next week... mati i... havent touch a thing about them... plzzz, plzzz pray for my success guys... hurm~ ouh yeah, today i dont have a time to meet my sayang coz let us we can miss each, he can say, quite often call me better than last year..he shows a lot more changes... suka2 :D..sayang sgt syafiq u 2 bits...

till then... xoxo

L: i love u

first and foremost, i would like to say hye to all...kinda newby here....i dunno how i managed to make my self to start blogging..hurm~ maybe its one of courage given by one of my friend...she asked me to join her to do blog.. in here u can write whatever cross in your mind...then, i was like...let me think first..then, tergerak hati pulak nak write something in notes in fb...its so much fun when u can write whatever u wanna, here i am..posting a very first blog in my wall...hope, ya'll give response and support to me kay...xoxo...

p.s/ love u L for encouraging me....



my beloved BFF!

my beloved BFF!
who always support me no matter what!