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hye there...i'm ireen a.k.a Erin among my friends..ya'll can address me with any name mentioned coz both referred to me...haha..let's make it simple..Political Science's graduate, i'm a daughter to my parents and an eldest sister of 5 siblings...happy go lucky, talkative sometimes..hey know me than u know how suffer u'll be..very manja???'s fact..wait, unpredictable and have something in mind..huhu...well try to be one of mine then u judge me k.. till then... XOXO

Dear readers,

in every day of my sadness there is a cure for me to hold on..and i found one..the man that i used to love is no longer with me and i'm thankful to Allah for open my heart and soul for a better man. yes! yes! yes! i said yes to him when he kneel down and asking for me.... that was the most romantic proposition ever in my life to see someone knelt down for me...a man who willing to give up on mostly everything just to be with me is a man that i always need. i love him for being so nice to me and mostly love me for who i am in the present and future and not for who i was. Allah is great, he show it to me after all the hardship of my life. To be with him is a blessing. You are more that i want now. The love and care that given are more than i can imagined. Money cant guarantee a happiness if there's no love, sincerity and honesty. Let go a job that caused you a lot just to spend time with loved ones is more than money can buy in this entire world. As he said to me "money can be find but true love wont wait and will gone if u wont grab it" and here we are... love and at each other's side whenever we can be together. i love you and yes YOU! my present and my future.. insyaAllah.. ameen! :)

till then... xoxo

dear readers,

in every gloomy and sadness, there must be a happiness that we all is like a rainbow after rain's stop...a happiness that everyone would dying to have it.. i'm looking for one now..and if ever i found it, i can't reached act normal and pretending that nothing happened are hard..came out from long and tiring relationship is not as easy as it is more than consuming my time.. when i'm about to find my happiness, there will always obstacles around me and in me feel the real happiness even in a short time really mean to me, after all the hardship that i have been trough, you just ring the bell and knocked my heart to widely open... but, ouh dear..i don't want to be rebound... let my heart heal thoroughly and time will decide who is the one for my heart..for me, patience is virtue..but if you really want it..u will wait for it and u know what to do... because eventually, ill choose and parents will approved..i have to be a good daughter and listen to them. what am i mumbling now???? alright, i am sleepy... i should get some sleep and F.A if u reading this... listen to your heart and let your brain free from it...  :)

till then, xoxo

hey guys,
its kinda a new update and me myself shocked with it...but hell single for good.. all those love are no more in my life's dictionary... i hate to admit this but eventhough me is stil love him but it doesn't mean i have to give up hope andbeg for him to accept me back...ill just move on and pray for a better way of life after man go it doesnt mean ive to close the door for others to i right guys?? to see all friends end up with the same guy in the marriage makes me sad but hey....Allah has plan for me right? i have to be strong in whatever matters... an idiom mentioned that.."if u love him, set him free and if he comes back he'll be your forever"...i do believe it somehow and to accept him is kinda hard man...seriously i have to admit it... but life is still long way to go...i need to finish my studies and let go the memories...i just hope he change and be good in his current relationship... all the ups and downs are over for me... i don't need to think much now.. i have family..they are very supportive and love me soo much...a great siblings and friends that will always support me.. thanks to all, whom is always for my happiness... keep on praying guys coz the unaswered pray is the best cz we just dont know when Allah wil grant it...eventually it will be granted somehow... :)

dear readers,

i dunno where to start and what to say... whatever i've done is can't be undo..i know i've done wrong in my past ..i regretted it and hey who are you to judge me?? to snatch my happiness from me? i never steal anything in your life..i never disturb your life but why u wanna ruin mine??? sorry is not enough for me to accept it, if its not from your sincere heart... u have everything..just name it and u'll got it..but LOVE is not easy to achieved..i've my LOVE and he chose me...please don't ruin ours... eventhough i've had hurt him soo much in the past but it is between me and him and none is yours.. you are just a friend to him not more than that.. where were you when he needs someone?? where were you when he changed from good to someone else??? where were you all these while?? and when he raised are here waiting for him and try to take him away from me?? what kind of person are you?? yeah..i admit you have your eyes on me all these while..but you just dunno what happened here..between me and him... all you know is, me being childish on posting curse on Facebook etc.. but did you ask me what really happened?? have you?? you just a bias person who claimed you are good person.. a smart person won't judge people from one side of stories but both... have you know how suffer i am before you came back??? yet you blame me for not letting you guys hang out for just both of you... which girl on Earth would rather let her BF went out for hang out with other girls and went for club???? you are being such a hypocrite person when you say NO.. you may a westernized person but this is Malaysia.. how western are you won't guarantee you to keep away the Malay's feelings... mingle with others and you know the beauty of your country.. but please don't ruin my relationship as he is my everything...  someday you will know what is LOVE when you found the perfect guy in life... just remember in mind... whatever you do Allah will return it back to you.. what goes around comes around... do good to people you'll get rewards in return and do bad to people you'll get the same as return or maybe worse... i never get interfere in your life but please for God sake don't disturb mine and please if you think the "sorry" word is soo hard to come out from your mouth sincerely..don't ask for it..because you may think that i am not as the same level as you are and seeking someone's apology is unnecessary then don't because you are not ready for it.."Maaf tidak mengenal erti darjat, kemaafan yang di pinta untuk hati yang ikhlas memintanya demi kemaafan yang tulus."-me-...when  you hurt someone's feelings badly and you know it may hurts her, you shouldn't do it or say sorry to her because Allah is the almighty and ADIL... you may experience the same soon.... as for now.. i can't forgive you is too bitter to swallow what you have done to me and yet you disrespect me.... if you want me to respect you please prepare yourself to respect others privacy. you have to learn to respect others before you want me to respect you as he is your friend yet he is my BF.... two different words and two different meaning...

till then readers....xoxo

dear readers,

its been a while since i wrote something about me, time after time i've been through a lot....happiness, sadness,relationship, friendship and all...ive gone through many obstacles to achieved whatever i have now...

okay, in the last MASUM (majlis sukan universiti malaysia) i played rowing and i became a rower and a coxswain in the same day in a different boat.. alhamdulillah, my 4+ got into semi while my 8+ got into final..eventhough we had a thin chance to win but we had fun to row with each other.. i love my rowing team!

now, ive moved on..i forget the pass and move on to a better life. i dont want to repeat the same mistake again cause it cost me a lot especially my own happiness. i love what i am now.. less temper and more patient but i still cant get rid of the pessimistic part of me pertaining my other half, im trying so hard but i just cant.. maybe its true that we cant trust anybody with all heart because it may hurt us soo much.. to endure the pain is not hard but to keep it, is just a human being and i cant escape from any of this but heyy,insyaAllah with du'a, family, friends im sure i cant face it with calm. insyaAllah Allah will always with His ummah and lead me to a better life without facing any hard obstacles because Allah wont challenge His ummah without their own capability...

me also has starting a new business with my friend ilana.. we are selling cookies and brownies for any event..insyaAllah we can cater all as long as people out there are giving us chance to spread our ideas in cookies n brownies.. place your order readers at sweetumms desire on facebook..!/pages/Sweetumms-and-Desire/158571607547925....

tilll then readers..

xoxo..much love

dear readers,
there are so many incidents happened in my life.... the ups and downs of life is something that i can't even, study, friendships, society etc.... let's begin.... love stories are better now...even we having communication breakdown but we managed to counter it back...hoping a good things happen in return....temper and snap are normal in each relationship..just patient and tolerance are needed... hoping me to be as strong as whatever thing that is strong and stiff.... :)

study.... as you may know, im the final year student of this university... im graduating in next long sem (insyaAllah)... just the problem is i don't know why i feel that i can't continue my study for this sem... and thanks to some friends...they pull me from the darkness and brought me till final exam even i failed to commit well... and by holding quite am important post in 2 societies, it makes me even in miserable... hosting an event that some other people may not like a normal thing to be face..i just don't bother to know what people may think of me...but hey, im the perfectionist lady which may came out with harsh actions and im sorry for that.. just i need everything to be done perfectly... and yeah... thanks to succeed! Alhamdulillah.... in an event under me, ill be a bit someone else..but seriously, i'm me as the original me... :)

friendship....... i'm having such a great friends surround me... they are my sweet, sour, spices, gula, batu, garam, hempedu...semua lah... hehehe.. i never have such a great friends that love me, advice me, company me and even be with me 24hours a day or more just to be sure that i'm alright in any angle... im blessed to have u guys to be my friend... most of them willing to cry for me and cry with me... i just dont know how to thanks you guys for that babes!!! i love you guys 2 bits! u know who u are! and i love u for being such a good friend to me!

society.... i just don't believe that i am holding a post in a society.... became a program manager for an event brings me lotsa experience... the ups and downs, the critics to take..the complaints and many more..ive to be strong inside and outside...this is the period of learning...i did mistakes and i should overcome it for a better me next... :)

its 4.05am... and that's it for now... ill be updating more soon...

till then..xoxo

hey readers,
i know it seems late to write about activities that i'd went to but hell was a fun journey and mi loikeyyy...knowing those people last year brought some light in my life... they lit up a spark in my life by bringing me to the activities that i can even expected that i will hop in... but yeah.. thanks to life feels complete as a student eventhough im facing the so called final year (please final year) but still they bring me to life as a student with all the crazy activities.. fun though...happy to know u guys.....bonnie, ijat, eiqa, aten, eizz, huzaifah, syakir, chawk, meeghol, lana, nadia, shai....u guys superb... :)



my beloved BFF!

my beloved BFF!
who always support me no matter what!