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hye there...i'm ireen a.k.a Erin among my friends..ya'll can address me with any name mentioned coz both referred to me...haha..let's make it simple..Political Science's graduate, i'm a daughter to my parents and an eldest sister of 5 siblings...happy go lucky, talkative sometimes..hey know me than u know how suffer u'll be..very manja???'s fact..wait, unpredictable and have something in mind..huhu...well try to be one of mine then u judge me k.. till then... XOXO

Hye.. We meet again...
Yesterday 26/2/10-Friday
I got replacement place as I mentioned.. After the class.. I went back to my room.. While waiting for my sayang.. I melayari lah Internet and as usual.. Mesti lah facebook kan.. Haha.. Then pop out MSG.. From my adopted siblings.. Erin jom niyang rapik.. I was like.. Jommmmm!!! Then chit-chat till my phone rang... MSG from my syg.. I dah sampai..syg I ni suka lambat.. So, I ckp ok..then, I turun lah.. Tup tup.. WTA 998... arghhhhh!!! Lexus 350.. Haha.. Latest lexus.. He was smiling macam kambing.. last, I got a chance to ride the lexus.. After that we go have our lunch, after lunch we head to e@curve for movie with my adopted siblings..
Some pict after movie..

Nana, Sasya and me

The guys
Habis je wayang.. Karaoke time.. Wohoo~.. sgt seronok hang out ramai2... At the karaoke.. My syg received MSG from his boss saying that they are going to rum jungle..My syg said lets go.. ;)
At rum jungle; when I reached there.. My nephew, his gf and friend are waiting..then we go in to look forward his boss.. There he is with a bunch of people.. There are 2 fatty ladies who are interested in my sayang.. They look at me mcam sial!! Nak jadikan cerita... I was talking to my sayang then that fat lady wanna pass tru me from behind.. If u nak lalu at least tap my shoulder or anything but that fucking lady poke me with her nail at my back..Babi!! Sakit ok.. Hello!! My sayang x layan dia she lepas geram to me lak.. I'm holding hands with my syg then dia sengaja je lalu in between us.. Eh, nak je sepak kan.. But, Padan muka dia cz she's fucking drunk or buat2 I dunno then got this one Negro hugs her..yuck ok!! Haha.. Bongok!! On top of that, one of his boss friend invited minah2 kampung dangdut yg tak sedar diri.. They also tergedik2 at my sayang.. One of them boleh tanya.." Eh syafiq nI ke gf kau??" it caught my ears.. What will u feel if someone say that to your bf?? Sounds like me not deserve him.. Hello!! We are about 6 years together.. If bf aku x layan.. X payah lah nk tanya such thing.. Bodoh lah budak2 baru nak kenal dunia ni.. Isk!! Bengang.. We quarreled time nak balik tu.. But nothing major..when someone is tipsy let them talk don't trigger them.. I tak banyak lawan balik like I used to.. Then everything got back to normal.. Cz I was touch when he mentioned that..Sounds like this...
"baby, u taw x? Everytime I keluar.. I always think of u.. No matter what I did.. Eventhough I layan borak with other girl but I always say to myself that.. I've a gf at home who known me for along time and accept me for who I am and what I I lagi cantik Dari perempuan2 at club so why shud I nak dgn diaorg?? I love u alone" yeah.. I was silent and then he coaxed me... I love him so much..

Till then.. Xoxo

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Morning to all... I'm back again... Ok~ how shud I put this.. Hey it's friday but ow God..
I got clAss.. Class start at 10am.. Woke up 9.40am.. Haha.. Nakal kan.. ;p.. It's k, lecturer doesn't mind.. Arrived to class at 10.15.. ouh2 before that.. While walking to the class.. Had a conversation with my sayang yg busuk.. Haha.. Dia baru bangun tido.. Ok enough of him..

While in the class...
I enter then give Salam, say sorry to lecturer for been late.. He said it's k.. Then as usual.. Lecture and sembang.. And than.. Dah start....

About arak: al-hamr.. Haha... Macam2 benda lar kua..tapai lar, itu lar ini lar.. Oh2 the best part is.. He said that the best and the expensive hamr is champange.. And yup that's right.. Mahal kot.. I remembered the last time I went to a birthday party and my sayang's brother open up a sparkling champange worth rm800.. Mahal kan?? The total cost for his birthday is around rm1+++.. I made the payment..alangkah Bagus if he gave me the money so I can go shopping... Haha.. Apalah kau ni ireen..ok2.. Class is over.. So I can get ready, pack up my stuff and meet my sayang.. Ouh, mish him so much!!

Till then...

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im so envy to all friends coz they can pack up their stuffs and go back home while me stuck here in the hostel waiting for my tomorrow's class....y on Earth my lecturer wants to do a make up class on Friday and Maulidur Rasul some more..haih...stress man... :(.. ow well, what can i a student ive to obey the rule oh wait the order given by the lecturer and the democratic decision by my colleagues...huhu... sedey~ but its ok...i still can do blog right??? and ive friends surround me who willing to read my blog... betul x kawan2? , what shall i do?? ouh yeah! ive book review that havent finish yet...i shud focus on that am i??? haha.. gosh! i got 2 test for next week... mati i... havent touch a thing about them... plzzz, plzzz pray for my success guys... hurm~ ouh yeah, today i dont have a time to meet my sayang coz let us we can miss each, he can say, quite often call me better than last year..he shows a lot more changes... suka2 :D..sayang sgt syafiq u 2 bits...

till then... xoxo

L: i love u

first and foremost, i would like to say hye to all...kinda newby here....i dunno how i managed to make my self to start blogging..hurm~ maybe its one of courage given by one of my friend...she asked me to join her to do blog.. in here u can write whatever cross in your mind...then, i was like...let me think first..then, tergerak hati pulak nak write something in notes in fb...its so much fun when u can write whatever u wanna, here i am..posting a very first blog in my wall...hope, ya'll give response and support to me kay...xoxo...

p.s/ love u L for encouraging me....



my beloved BFF!

my beloved BFF!
who always support me no matter what!