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hye there...i'm ireen a.k.a Erin among my friends..ya'll can address me with any name mentioned coz both referred to me...haha..let's make it simple..Political Science's graduate, i'm a daughter to my parents and an eldest sister of 5 siblings...happy go lucky, talkative sometimes..hey know me than u know how suffer u'll be..very manja???'s fact..wait, unpredictable and have something in mind..huhu...well try to be one of mine then u judge me k.. till then... XOXO

Hey readers,
I'm back again after a short break... This time I don't know what to say actually but it's something that amuse me when me on my way to my class in the morn... I received a message in my inbox sayings such things towards me and my bf.. I was laughing like hell... I dunno who the hell he/she is but hey, if u really wanna backing up ur dearie friend I'm begging u, plz use ur name and real pic otherwise u are such a pathetic loser u wanna show what a hero is and eventually what a true fren means??? Pfffttt~ what a lame... Come on buddy, I'm waiting... And you skeezer, puhhleassseee~ don't u have something to do in your life besides bagging other people's life?? Don't mess wif me yea... Such a typical kelatanese with a typical kampung type.. Brought up a history to a present juz to show how good ur frens are??history remained it is... Not a valuable thought to be remember skeez!

Till then....

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hye dear readers,
juz wanna share with you about my experience at Padang for juz a shot visit... 2 days of hols in Padang...hahaha... what a waste aite??? but, im happy with it cz i had a chance to visit my so called "kampung" but actually my anchestors from taluk kuantan...border of Padang and Riau....whatever it is, i can understand their language...wohoooo~ once we touched down, straightaway we shoot to Padang Panjang, the Minangkabau excited! to see the culture, building, language and of coz the embroidery stuffs... the scary part is, when raining we had to rush back to mainland because of the landslides..takoott~ the best part is not the soil is sliding down but all the big rocks...can u imagine...ill upload the pic later aite...overall the short visit was awesome! :)



my beloved BFF!

my beloved BFF!
who always support me no matter what!