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hye there...i'm ireen a.k.a Erin among my friends..ya'll can address me with any name mentioned coz both referred to me...haha..let's make it simple..Political Science's graduate, i'm a daughter to my parents and an eldest sister of 5 siblings...happy go lucky, talkative sometimes..hey know me than u know how suffer u'll be..very manja???'s fact..wait, unpredictable and have something in mind..huhu...well try to be one of mine then u judge me k.. till then... XOXO

Its been a while since my last update. Day by day, week by week, I have been facing many things in life. Went to scuba diving alone, drove alone all the way to Tioman from KL. So many things and challenges I have been facing. But hey, miracle happened along the way and I am really happy for what happened. The outcome by went to diving alone really open up my eyes and mind and it leads me to my happiness. Alhamdulillah, I met the right person and the right time. I am not even in vulnerable situation, instead, i am stronger than before. Met someone that really meet my expectation and criteria. I am thankful to Allah for His divine will and decree that have been destined for me. The predicament happened really taught me a lesson and bring me to a better life ahead. InsyaAllah.

29/7/2014 - the magical date that brought happiness to me. My e-day to the Man that caught my heart and love. Engaged to the awesome person in the world. Been going everywhere and looking around but the right person is just nearby. That is Jodoh I presume. Now, I am someone's fiancee and I am really happy with my life and my Fiance.

I know I have jeopardizing people's eyes by reading this but I just dont care. Hahaha.. I feel like typing and throw everything in this blog. So, happy reading fellas. HAHAHA...

p/s: gimme a chance to be happy please fellas :P


Dear Readers,

After 2 months of argument, quarrel and all,reconcile, talks and understand each other's attitude. It came to a solution of 1 year anniversary celebration at VS Jalan Ampang. We may not be the stable couple ever but at least we have tried to sustain it and that 1 month of no talking and no face to face, cant make us to be apart. It is just a training to deal with our emotions and eventually we lose. Running towards each other's arms...Hahaha..sounds silly right but hey... we've made and downs, on the rocks... just name it..the least we can do is be together at each other's side.

Everything went well so far. Emotion is there but could'nt bothered anymore...hahaha... I just wanna enjoy my life and listen to him... Something that I could not ever imagine is when someone sing a song to you while you are asleep.. So sweet!!! Which I was conscious and listen to every words of the song.... "Sempurna"...I am in a cloud nine.. hhehehe....

Alright.. that is all from me.. Kerja menunggu ni and essay pun.. sigh~

Till then,

Hello Readers,

So, what should I begin with??? A month to go for my confirmation date as a  permanent staff... woo~ it feels so scary to have this kinda examination... Goose bump.. hahaa..nayyy~ life a bit ups and down nowadays.. with kinda all the dramas but hold on for sec... Salam Maal Hijrah to All Muslims, its Awal Muharram a new year for us.. So, for all the wrongdoings and mistakes intentionally or unintentionally, from the bottom of my heart I am here wanna say sorry to all who is reading my blog.. people do mistakes and forgiven too... I might be rough and harsh but I have a good heart too.. ahhh~ my soft spot is my weakness..demmit! there ive said it.. hahhaa.. people may judge but let them be.. as long as we know, HE knows... it is always good when you have a good foundation because I am not mean afterall just wanna preserve one heart... So, sorry guys...

Ouh well~ I am always me.. but I think I am doing a good decision on Awal Muharram.. why wanna wait when you can move on... build a new life..hijrah.. does it people always do??? from bad to good?? if people still keeping a bad intention or perspectives...let them.. we are who we are..I am who I am... I dont need people to tell me what to do and whats not but I need them to be with me and be my companion but it is all from one's self right?? correct me if I am wrong.. because whatever we do it will always be our choice.. hurm~ sooo...we can't regret what we did before but we must, so, we should fix it and be better next time.. ouh.. I should always remind this to my self...yes!! I should.. Ye lah sape lagi nak tolong kalau bukan diri sendiri kannnn... at the end we will walk alone and decide because no one will be there forever.

Life is short than what we always thought... live life to the fullest and make friends more than enemies.. do your thang and if people dont accept it then let it be.. as long as you are sincere, because you know who you are and people dont... they will always judge, complaint and critics..You know who you really are.. just be yourself and be happy with life.. either they are in it or not, doesnt  matter now because they never were before and why wanna make a big fuss of it?? your life has nothing to do with them..if they are sincere they will realized it because happiness is always the best revenge not to say its a bad ones but it is the boost to make people feel the guilty conscious... ok guys.. think with your 'aqal' and not merely by listening to people.. life is effed up sometimes but this is reality.. dont trust anybody, because they will go against you in any ways.... people back bites, that is life but when people fall for them...that is just stupid..

I know because I have gone through mostly everything.. I have a tough life.. I dont have clique and I dont like to stick to one clique except for one man because I can explore and expose to the world.. that is just me.. I like to make friends but I seldomly attached to them so yeah.. if you are lucky, I will be closed to you and treat you well but need to bear with my emotions every months..hahha..kidding..even we bite our tongue right?? soo chillex and enjoy the rest of your life.. booyahhh! hahahha.. madly in love with the new series of 2 broke girls.. hahaha!

Till then readers,

all the flaws come from me and goodness is from Him..


Hi Readers,

Macam lah ada pembaca setia kannnn??? hahahah..

Ouh well, what should I begin with?? Hurmmm...let's see...I like to write anything that came across my mind and I dont mind if it sounds silly or stupid or the grammartically wrong or anything because I just like to convey my thought into written form and not verbally. I dont know why and dont ask me why, for me by writing it down I will think and write I guess so but somehow when you are not in a good condition you tend to do mistake and convey the wrong message like what I usually did... emotional bastards sometimes.. peace!!!

I know I know, I should control my temper in any source and not let it out like a lava. Fire everyone involved, how bad I am right? acting such a way.. Im sorry okay kawan-kawan, I bukan sengaja... But maybe it wasnt the right time to talk to me so I blew up which I know it was my fault... Sigh...

People hate me because I am good in destroying things and make it complicated. But I keep my close friends closer than others. I keep my family even closer because they are the only left for me to holding on. After all the drama and chaos, I realized that only true friends, who know the meaning of friendship will return to you back no matter what. I am lucky, day by day my friends from school and my teenage's time come to me and still acknowledge me as their friends. Meaning I am not bad at all, I  just having my temper and most of them already gone through it yet they still come back to me and still love me. I love all those poeple who are still close to me after know who really I am. Nothing is happening overnight right.. Time will always be the answer for everything.

Nobody is perfect, but I will strive to be a better person... maybe not today, not next week but in the future.. If people think that i am hypocrite or even a big liar... then I dont judge.. It is people's opinion, they are open to think and to say anything which I couldnt care less about it... like i said, I cant go to everyone's mouth and shut them up whenever they talk bad about me.. people's talk.. let them talk until when they can survive by talking about others, eventually they will get tired and forget about everything that they've said.. hehehehhe...

See, I told you.. I like to write eyhh in this case, typing.. haha..ok lameeee!! I just write whatever come across in my mind now regardless anything.. I write with thoughts that is a bit mixed up with feelings.. past and current.. People say history repeats itself but what if it doesnt repeat??? and what if the present people help to prevent that history to repeat again?? have you guys ever thought about it?? prevention is better than cure right?? That is why we have trial and error??? That is why we have giver, taker and doer... am I right?? again.. what am I talking about??haha.... urgh! working on Sunday makes me Sunday blues and not Monday blues... hahaha.. So, i write all these crap...

Well, what should I do now?? Hurmmmm, I am thinking to be silent and let people do whatever they wanna do.. Just wanna sit tight and enjoy the show.. People can keep on hating me because I hope it wont effects me because I am still earning and I have work, graduated, have car..what else should I need?? ouh.. a good and understanding partner who gonna love me and my family... hahaha.. that one..Saya berserah kepada yang Maha Esa kerana kita hanya merancang Dia yang mementukannya.

I think that's all for now... Ketandusan Idea..hehe...Cheers!!
Till then xoxo :)

Dear Readers,

Its been a while now..October is over and im still me, no excitement to write and to joy about. I dont want to live in denial and faking all to others but hey, i am happy the way i am now.. I am happy with the most important people in my life.. and being with this person makes me stronger and I would care less about what other people gonna think  about me because at the end people surround us wont be there for us right??? They are there just for the happy time and not for the sad and sorrow... Well this kind of people, would never be in my list because hey... I have so many things to do than begging for your attention... Friends in need is a friend indeed.... That's what I believe because a true friends will always be there for you through anything no matter what and accept anything no matter what but with brain and not merely far as im attached with my emotions I also rule my life with mind and I will think again and again to make it right... heehhehehe... getting old..ouh damn! but as far as I am concerned, I have a wonderful family and friends that are very supportive. Im blessed!!!!

It might gonna hurt and people will talk but let them talk because the more they talk the more DOA and good deeds will return to me and I cant go to everyone and shut their mouth rightttt.. hehehe..

By the way, have Faith!!! coz no matter how far you've go, if the foundation is strong then you will never lost in your journey and you will back to square one... By His will.. :)

I know this because I have faith in this... but whatever it is.. We can only plan it and He will grant it.. but have faith in what I am doing now is something what I should do long time ago.. but its not too late to doing so right??? Get things right and work it out...hahahah...


Till then, xoxo :)

Hey readers,

a wind blow whilst the tears occured.... what more can i say except the subtle sadness and happiness are just trembling inside me... there's nothing i can say except to face it with my whole heart.. its been a week now.. ive to be strong no matter what... well, its  a loooongggg way to go... career is ahead of me.. i need to reach and grab it.. i am sick and tired of all the drama that is happening and what is the result??? hahahha... that is something typical.. well, its not my fault to grew up with malay surroundings and having such a lovely families... i am a family oriented person eventhough sometime i need my time alone but yeah... having a big family make me realized that i should stay as what i am and not change for someone who cant even accept mine perception. there's always a phrase saying... "if you really loves someone, he or she will fight for you and put you first above all and will save the relationship if there's you in each other's future" well, i think that is my quote..hahahaha... well, whatever it is... I am good the way i am.. being alone is not bad at all.. it is just like you are having a holiday for yourself and away from anyone  that will burden youo with stress and work... having a 'me time' is something that i should do because i dont have my own precious time for my self... so, hell yeah!!! haahahha...

AS for now, as long as my finger is empty i will not commit my self to it just hurt to be committed to someone and the result is just not even near to what we are expected :)

Cheers babeyh :)

pray for my happiness and hopefully more greatful and prosperity for me in the near future..

Till then xoxo :)

7th October 2012....

This is the day for me to celebrate after long tiring and awesome years as a student in IIUM... I managed to finished my studies on track and graduated with my fellow friends.

To see the smile on your parents face is something you cant describe how happy they were and how proud they are. I am lucky to have both of you mama and abah. I know i am not a brilliant 4 flat student but to see the smile on your face is something miracle that i cant described it with words..any words.. but Alhamdulillah... i am proud to be your daughter abah and mama.

Annnddd.. 7th October was a very important date for me.. i've made it to the end!!! a scroll on my longer a student but a degree holder now..officially!! i am soo parents are happy.. we are more than happy..graduation pictures.. studio pictures.. thanks abab and mama for the studio pictures.. and nazrin my bro for the flowers n doraemon doll.. eiqa for the u came...some pressieees..anddddd my one and only love... Mr.FA!! He came all the way from Sunway after a very tiring work yet to see my convocation day, thanks LOVE!!

Overall..I am so happy..the thought is count!! where all my important person is there with me on my big day as a IIUM Graduate!!! yeayyy!! xoxo



my beloved BFF!

my beloved BFF!
who always support me no matter what!