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hye there...i'm ireen a.k.a Erin among my friends..ya'll can address me with any name mentioned coz both referred to me...haha..let's make it simple..Political Science's graduate, i'm a daughter to my parents and an eldest sister of 5 siblings...happy go lucky, talkative sometimes..hey know me than u know how suffer u'll be..very manja???'s fact..wait, unpredictable and have something in mind..huhu...well try to be one of mine then u judge me k.. till then... XOXO

hey readers,

how are u guys doing? ouh sunday... im working on right??? hahha...owh well, cant complaint much coz hey this is work..working life.. real life... well, i dont know why i open this blog and start typing shit in here. hahaha..well~ i think this is the only medium that can soothe me than being with human... i guess so.. reality is?? i like to write than talking to people because it is like talking to myself... i dont have people to judge me but its me to judge my own self... i have the emotional problem which i want to control..lately, i managed to control it slowly... i know my capability and i hate to be hurt again.... sakit bila kita berubah and people didnt see any changes about us.. well, i know Allah is with me and HE knows whatever i feel... being alone is not bad actually but lonely is not good either... i love my job and i love my life... i had enough of disappointment and pain... i know i am not good at anything that people good at.. sometimes i feel like a loser coz i cant make anyone happy... maybe i should go somewhere and be alone without anyone that i kenal ada kat my surroundings. maybe i should do will make me realized and think what I really want in life... as for now, marriage is no longer my priority.. i dont want to get married and have a child.. this is random right..but i dont see any important to have a family if people think that i am not ready to do so... responsibilty will be on head and shoulder and i am not ready to take it ready as i was before but now, it seems shading away and people make me think that it is not the right time to do so... who knows if people or my family can change my mind and open my heart to accept marriage openly cz as for now.. enough of disappointment and cz i am not ready to be one now.. just crapping my ars here.. i typed whatever i feel cz this is the only place that calm me down and listen to me.. cz as an introvert person i rather keep silent than talking to people cz i might hurt someone's feeling without me realizing it... sometimes i hate to be with human... i just dont know why..ok, aku dah start merapu lagi ni.. hahahah..sangat lawak kannn... well, once a month, the mood swing will happened... its just how we express by day i move on and change slowly.. Alhamdulillah..

i should get back to work, bills to count and key in! :(

till then readers,

hey readers..... im back with some not to say excitement but something that i wanna share with you readers...

ok here we go, its been my dream to go holiday since my last one to Langkawi....usually i will go for a holiday once a year and during my vacation period..

2 july - bus depart to LCCT at 4.30 and i was rushing to the KL Sentral to catch the bus but cheh! the bus only depart after the bus is full... so it departed at 5am... 1 hour journey to LCCT,  check-in at the machine then  head to cafe, grabbed our early breakfast then we straight go to the gate.....everything went well, only the KASTAM part is difficult...hoho, dont bring anything more than 100ml ok... haha. flight delayed for about 10 mins but its ok, arrived 35 mins earlier, the duration just 45 mins to Padang..huhu...and of course landed safely....reached at 8.50am local time, then  waiting for the supir to fetch me, people there are friendly just like Malaysia, what else if you know how to speak their language...hehe...then we straightaway head to Padang Panjang to seek for the main purpose which is kainnn...hehe, Rambang mata ok to see all these kainn...damn! before that i went for lunch as i already had our early breakfast.. today, spending the time at textile shop, go around Padang town and at night...see their culture..karaoke time with them, damn funny!!!

3july- waked up at 10am, waiting for supir, then had my breakfast... after that , heading to bukit tinggi but then, damn freaking jammed!! stopped at yesterday's shop again, shop again, back to the hotel and do some light shopping at their pasar malam... huhu..i  have to get back early to the hotel because  wanna packing up coz tomorrow flight at 8.30am... overall, it was a damn nice experienced and i love it...

till then xoxo

it's been a while since my last update....i just wanna share wif u guys that my 2010 is a blast and we are leaving it in 2 weeks time...ouh, i hate it!! many events are happening in 2010....i met the wonderful people...i went for a kewl holidays...there are so many memorable events....they are the sparks of my life... these are some of the pics that i can share with u guys about my activities with my superb people....

hye readers,

as if i have loyal readers..hahaha.. ouh well just a quick stories.. this is my second month is Brunsfield and the office politics is heating up now, when all the superior are from the same field before they join this company, then what will happened?? listen to each other and scold others like a bullet before listen to any explanation... WELL, THAT is what happened to me now... every work that ive done, they never see it.. but when u make a mistake, they bamboo u...if one on one..i would say...toleration will be take place..but when 2 persons confronted 1 person..memang kena lah kannnn... cant fight for yourself pun...hahaha.. ouh well, have to buck up and prove that i can do it.... what ever happened take it as a lesson.

Sometimes in life, we need someone who can appreciate and recognize us.. someone who can understand and tolerate with us... when people do good..a simple thank you would be nice to hear or even a nice words conveyed... this is something needed when we are in a mess.. but disappointment is what we get right? we cant expect everything to be perfect or what we want. people wont change for us, coz that is just their attitude and bamboo cant be tune anymore...if they dont want to learn then let them be.. we must move on and be a better person cz at the end people will recognize and appreciate you.. patience is virtue.. if religious is crap then why shud u need faith right??? im proud to be Islam and have a religion for me to count on... my heart will not be astray far from the route... Allah loves me and all mankind. I love Allah and my religion.. i learn day by day, patience is virtue, be good to people and people will do good to u... do something and expect nothing.. manusia akan belajar sendiri cuma kita yang perlu bimbing either verbally and tacit... whatever it is I have to be strong and patience coz Allah will always be with me. Ameen :)



my beloved BFF!

my beloved BFF!
who always support me no matter what!