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hye there...i'm ireen a.k.a Erin among my friends..ya'll can address me with any name mentioned coz both referred to me...haha..let's make it simple..Political Science's graduate, i'm a daughter to my parents and an eldest sister of 5 siblings...happy go lucky, talkative sometimes..hey know me than u know how suffer u'll be..very manja???'s fact..wait, unpredictable and have something in mind..huhu...well try to be one of mine then u judge me k.. till then... XOXO

hye all readers...

i dont have anything to say much.....just go with the i have to face the most important thing in my life which is final exam..huhu... and oh yeah... this week i also have a very mery nervous moment in my life.. which ill share with u guys later k.. hehe... cant celeb it too early aite..

whatever it is....2 most important things in one day... day and night!! damn man!! huhu..

hye readers,
im back with new stories.. hurm~ as u can on time off... and still trembling...but hey...ours are not on the rocks aite...
ok2.. cut the crap! first of all, i wanted to tell u what actually happened between us..
- he lied to me, about all the girls.. and i found out..i was mad.. giler bengang, marah, mengamok, suma ada lah!!! then, one day...after the one week off...i came to see him..then we quarrel again..aiyoo, gaduh lagi!! then, i saw him texting with his phone... i grabbed his phone then i read all what he texts to.. damn!!! texting wif a whore!!! *&(%^%$%^$&!!!! then, he complaining a lot about me to that whore...i took the phone then i replied...

> he likes u, so juz accept him ok

she aswered me...

< ok, i will, but will u leave him for me, dont worry ill take care of him more than u do...

i was like what the fuck!!!

with zero chance ill never leave my bf just for that cheap whore ok!!! belom pape dia dah berani cakap like that to me, apatah lagi bila she gets what she wants.. hello, i dont care who you are, but u messing around with me ok!!

lets describe about the whore: name: nana navana.. u guys can check her out in her fb k.. with the same name... 26 years old, jobless, mengabihkan boreh jo, mengabihkan duit mak bapak jo!!!... go and search for her k... hello, btw, she mad at me coz calling her perosak rumah tangga it my fault if i called her that with that title cause i havent breaking up.. just time off... so, ive right to see what is happening... si jantan pun gatal jugak!! thus, she always call my bf and call him sayang... hurm~ so fast man, just met 2/3 times she can easily fall in love and wanna get into serious relationship??? OMG!! see, how cheap is her loves??? haha... and her fucking friend nana also, simply ask my bf to try this nana navana even he already know our 5 years r/ship.. and say : u guys look sweet together.. my royal ass!!!! over my dead body lah wey!!! huh!! bongok!
btw, my bf delete her the nana navana from his BBM and reject her coz she's so stupid because she wanted all in rush...take it easy slut, dont think all guys are the do u feel when being deleted from something?? sakit kan??? serve u right!!

the anak datuk tu pulak... her name is putri...pun duk terhegeh-hegeh and call my bf... i didnt know at first..but after the cat spill out from the bag....i give one simple text to that whore tu...

> u such a bitch!

damn easy and simple and have in deep meaning aite?? haha..the next day she called my bf then ask who called her bf said: definitely not me...
she understood the message and now...never call my bf and kept silent.i love it that way than NANA NAVANA the cheap whore! she had guts to call and mad at me...i swear her then hung up the phone...who are u to call me and ask me to leave someone i care, i love to u??

si bodoh nana navana ni pulak!! suruh my bf jadi hodoh, gemok... fuck her!!! ive been taking care of him since the past 5 years till he bacame what he is now, senang2 nak suruh dia jadi selekeh??? go find your own man slut! dont mess with mine!!... like this she said wanna take care of my bf more than i do?? fuck her ass then!!! bongok!!!!

hate those whores!!! find yours k....

Dear readers,
It happens when I believed in him and letting him went out foe club.. But Allah is great.. He leads me to something that I can't imagined.. But owh yeah it happens.. A man that I called my sayang.. Did the same mistake again.. And all these while are lies abt the love... I'm so stressed up.. I can't even Think n I'm so shivering when I saw it.. but I've to be tough.. I hate him.. I hate the feelings towards him.. Hoping that Allh will terminate n demolish the love towards him.. Please pray for me.. I need it so I can forget him.. Today we are calling the time off and maybe forever.. If there's a fate n luck in us...... Lets the most great Allh decides.. For now.. I want to be alone n I dun want to b involve in any kind of rship until Allah says so.. I redha for whatever happens to me and him.. If we can't last then let it go with the flow.. Let me burn the feelings n the 5years relationship.. Make me thing that it is not worth it.. Lemme be a normal girl who are seeking for a good life n a good man.. I don't need this kind of stupid stuff stuck in my head n life.. I want to be free.. Free from everything.. If Allah had me to choose my path.. I choose to let Him leads me to the true path.. Coz I'm so hurt indepth inside.. I want to be me.. The old me.. Runaway from this stress n start a new life... Love doesn't promise u anything accept to your parents, family and Allah...

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hello readers,
ok, i have 2 stories to be shared but celeb the same feel...
first one bestie is getting married!!! damn, i was like dreaming u know when she happened to text me saying that she's getting married this coming june or october...depends on budget...
very2 suprize ok!!!! me and my sayang is getting 6 years in relationship but she gets marry first..huhu..but she's differ..she already working so im happy for her and my self least i still can enjoy my time, day and second of being single...haha...but truly happy for u Jalina Radiha...xoxo

second one is my school mate is pregnant!!!!! happy for u...after all the ups and down in your married life then at last..ure pregnant!!! damn girl!!! :D...happy2... Haliza, do take care of your self k..bie in your womb shud be take care and your health too k...can't wait..after a long period of time, waiting..your rezeki is here wif u.. :)..suka2...ask ayie to giler jaga u k!! your very own first baby.... :).. xoxo

till then....XOXO

hey readers,
im back, but dont have any specific story to share..but maybe my essay here will make u guys smile a bit....u do smile aite??? haha.. see...u guys are smiling... haha
ok2...lets make it short...
yesterday is wednesday where to some of people wednesday not to say good but something that they are waiting about... but for me..nay~ because...i had class till 10pm...sad2... but still i managed to go to rum jungle...haha...naughty~
my sayang called me at 10pm wether i wanna to follow or not cause abg peter was here yesterdat with kak amy..i was like... nakkkkkk~ haha...then he said..ok ill pick u up at 11pm k...i answered ok...before heading back to my room..mesti lah lepak dulu kan...lepak borak dengan aman and his tennis coach..hehe...gossipping and talking non stop.. :P...
enough of the story of them and class....

while in my room, i was tidying my room then my sayang called... " D dah sampai dah.." for the first time he arrieved before the time we agreed...haha.... 10.45pm...impressed~ , then, he took me for dinner at Bukit where we always had our lunch 3 years back...damn. the place still exist..Krua Thai..but the tom yam doesnt the same anymore!!! tak sedap!!!! hate used to be delicious...but not now....budus!!! oh2... the best part is.... hahaha.... gelak cam orang giler dulu!!!! got this one Indian man infront of us....that man seems like funny and anoyying to the waitress.... suddenly when that man turn around and see my sayang, he said:

sounds like this:
Indian man : " helloooooo!"
my sayang : " ah, hye " ( blur while hung up the phone )
: " apsal? "
Indian man : " ops, sorry2... saya pikir itu wayamg gambar punya orang, bukan kah?? "
my sayang : " ha, bukan2"
Indian man : " aiyo, sorry2. tadi saya ada tgk tv, muka kau serupa itu dlm tv punya orang
bukan kah? sorry2"
my sayang : " tak pe2"

then, i laughed to him...while he kembang and kecutkan hidung dia....haha..damn funny..the way that indian man approach him, like he wanna picked a fight..but seriously kelakar!!! hahaha.... after dinner, we headed to Rum Jungle... before that picked up arif at kg. baru...

at Rum Jungle...kak amy and abg peter was waiting...then i go and say hello to them....after the live band show...the DJ took over...then something caught my eyes...there's one lady on the podium...tipsy because she drank neat swing....sangat x sedap ok!!! after a while watching her then my sayang said.... " u kenal x sapa tu?? " then i said " yup, anak dato' yg tergilakan u, even im with u, she still wanna seduce u by dancing near u..." then, my sayang said " yup that slut" haha...indeed she is...she dance on the podium like wanna show to the world that she is something and go to any podium that full of men...but non of the man attracted to her...haha... im still remember what she told my sayang.... " ala, takuty girlfriend ke??!!!" i was there ok, can u respect me?? Bodoh punya sayang did'nt want to layan u, then what's on Earth u wanna say that to him and y the hell wanna dance around him and pretending that u are drunk and giving ur butt to my sayang while me standing right beside him??? bongok lah all the desperate women ni!!! he's taken ok!!!

dont mess with my man! find your own man!!! he's mine!

ireen is angry!! haha...pissed off... worries cz i had a happy ending day... :D

till then guys...XOXO



my beloved BFF!

my beloved BFF!
who always support me no matter what!