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hye there...i'm ireen a.k.a Erin among my friends..ya'll can address me with any name mentioned coz both referred to me...haha..let's make it simple..Political Science's graduate, i'm a daughter to my parents and an eldest sister of 5 siblings...happy go lucky, talkative sometimes..hey know me than u know how suffer u'll be..very manja???'s fact..wait, unpredictable and have something in mind..huhu...well try to be one of mine then u judge me k.. till then... XOXO

Its been a while since my last update. Day by day, week by week, I have been facing many things in life. Went to scuba diving alone, drove alone all the way to Tioman from KL. So many things and challenges I have been facing. But hey, miracle happened along the way and I am really happy for what happened. The outcome by went to diving alone really open up my eyes and mind and it leads me to my happiness. Alhamdulillah, I met the right person and the right time. I am not even in vulnerable situation, instead, i am stronger than before. Met someone that really meet my expectation and criteria. I am thankful to Allah for His divine will and decree that have been destined for me. The predicament happened really taught me a lesson and bring me to a better life ahead. InsyaAllah.

29/7/2014 - the magical date that brought happiness to me. My e-day to the Man that caught my heart and love. Engaged to the awesome person in the world. Been going everywhere and looking around but the right person is just nearby. That is Jodoh I presume. Now, I am someone's fiancee and I am really happy with my life and my Fiance.

I know I have jeopardizing people's eyes by reading this but I just dont care. Hahaha.. I feel like typing and throw everything in this blog. So, happy reading fellas. HAHAHA...

p/s: gimme a chance to be happy please fellas :P




my beloved BFF!

my beloved BFF!
who always support me no matter what!