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hye there...i'm ireen a.k.a Erin among my friends..ya'll can address me with any name mentioned coz both referred to me...haha..let's make it simple..Political Science's graduate, i'm a daughter to my parents and an eldest sister of 5 siblings...happy go lucky, talkative sometimes..hey know me than u know how suffer u'll be..very manja???'s fact..wait, unpredictable and have something in mind..huhu...well try to be one of mine then u judge me k.. till then... XOXO

Hey readers,

a wind blow whilst the tears occured.... what more can i say except the subtle sadness and happiness are just trembling inside me... there's nothing i can say except to face it with my whole heart.. its been a week now.. ive to be strong no matter what... well, its  a loooongggg way to go... career is ahead of me.. i need to reach and grab it.. i am sick and tired of all the drama that is happening and what is the result??? hahahha... that is something typical.. well, its not my fault to grew up with malay surroundings and having such a lovely families... i am a family oriented person eventhough sometime i need my time alone but yeah... having a big family make me realized that i should stay as what i am and not change for someone who cant even accept mine perception. there's always a phrase saying... "if you really loves someone, he or she will fight for you and put you first above all and will save the relationship if there's you in each other's future" well, i think that is my quote..hahahaha... well, whatever it is... I am good the way i am.. being alone is not bad at all.. it is just like you are having a holiday for yourself and away from anyone  that will burden youo with stress and work... having a 'me time' is something that i should do because i dont have my own precious time for my self... so, hell yeah!!! haahahha...

AS for now, as long as my finger is empty i will not commit my self to it just hurt to be committed to someone and the result is just not even near to what we are expected :)

Cheers babeyh :)

pray for my happiness and hopefully more greatful and prosperity for me in the near future..

Till then xoxo :)


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my beloved BFF!

my beloved BFF!
who always support me no matter what!